Illyria Pottery- Paper Edit


Illyria Pottery is very durable and very aesthetic. I would focus the entire commercial on the quality and durableness of the product, since they’re only . It is also locally made, so I would create the focus on functionality, locality and selection.


Illyria Pottery was made from a desire to create pottery pieces that do not adhere to anyone’s idea but the creator’s. All pieces are are on site in the basement and she wants to promote the naturally of the pottery that she creates. Some issues that arise are that she is the only one that creates the pottery while also self-promoting herself as a local artist. She gets swallowed up by larger pottery businesses, but the uniqueness of her pottery helps her stand out.


From an owner perspective, the audience would be men or women, or even anyone that enjoys unique pottery pieces. While trying to appeal to the millennial audience, she would have to show the durability and functionality of the piece while proving the unique design of the object trying to be sold.

Content Points:

  • Homemade
  • Small Selection
  • Local
  • Functional and Aesthetic Pottery Pieces
  • Original Designs


Illyria Pottery creates local pottery pieces while promoting various other local artists around the area (UK.) Its functionality is often out-shined due to the aesthetic appeal of the object that is for sale/created.


music for the beginning of the commercial: french accordion music

Upbeat when the pottery is being thrown:upbeat music

Ending music:ending music



Jared Padalecki vs. Donald Trump

Though in Twitter, many issues and ideas are shared instantly and some trending topics are just being broken world-wide on the news networks, it seems that celebrities and politicians are showing that they are the most influential of the pack.

Jared Padalecki and Donald J. Trump on the surface may seem like two totally different individuals. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President of the United States, and Jared Padalecki, the actor that portrays the younger Sam Winchester on Supernatural, use their twitter accounts to promote their interests.

Jared Padalecki is currently promoting season 12 of Supernatural while also promoting awareness ad funds for his IAMENOUGH campaign against depression, self-harm and suicide. By using his massive follower base, he can raise awareness and funds to increase his campaign’s traffic.

Donald Trump uses his twitter accounts to promote assurances to his fans that he is doing well in the election against Hillary Clinton. His account on the surface is patriotic, while also sparking interest in CNN’s new negative video about him.  He also shows who is endorsing him by tagging the individuals, such as Governor Gilmore of Virginia.

Donald Trump’s Images show high morale for his presidential campaign, while also showing how well his business is doing. His imagery of the inner working of the campaign, including an image of Colorado volunteers as well as a few images of polls that show that he is in the lead this week after the Commander in Chief forum.

Jared Padalecki shows some of the more personable moments with his children as his cover photo as well as some of his posts directed toward fans. One instance he was asking fans not to berate or show ill will toward a bar in which he received poor service. As a celebrity, he has millions of followers and sometimes words that are written on a social media page can be taken wrongly, and even though he is only human, people hold him in a higher light than a regular individual and in return the bar lost service and the woman had been traumatized, calling for him to delete his facebook post and post an apology.

While maintaining a facebook account, he is much more active on his twitter and Instagram. Particularly with his twitter since he can raise awareness for his IAMENOUGH campaign much more quickly.

Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics of Gaining exposure to Illyria Pottery

  1. Goal 1

Creating a posting schedule for instagram and Facebook

Strategy 1

I would first research where the most traffic is available to see my product

Tactic 1

post once an hour or post during breakfast hour (8:00am-10am)/lunch hour(11:00am-1:00pm)/dinner hour(6:00-8:00pm) 3 times a week

Tactic 2

As a personal record, view each image/post by recording likes/comments of each image

Tactic 3

Start posting in the more high traffic hours for my page.

Tactic 4

By using Facebook’s statistics, start posting on those high traffic hours/days

  1. Goal 2

Get an increase of 800 followers in two months

Strategy 1

By using social media, gain exposure to promote Illyria Pottery

Tactic 1

Join both the instagram and Facebook page, so pictures posted could be posted from one account, instead of multiple versions.

Tactic 2

Add links to instagram and Facebook “About Me” to direct traffic to the website.

Tactic 3

Collaborate with other businesses to promote product/exposure

Tactic 4

Have contests, share, like, regram, comment for a chance to get some pottery created from Illyria Pottery.


Branding Videos

Branding videos are not only entertaining, but also a very creative means of getting a company brand out.

I chose to use one of Purena’s Puppyhood videos, Some Ground Rules. This video is highly entertaining to me as a viewer and very relatable as a dog owner.  The video is the slow break down of a new puppy owner setting ground rules with their new puppy but as the day goes by the rules are slowly broken down. For instance, the owner tells the puppy things she is allowed to do and not allowed to do but with the puppy’s persistence, he slowly breaks down and allows it “for just the night.”

The only time you see Purena’s brand is at the end, when the owner is pouring the dog food into the puppy’s bowl.  The branding position statement is that while pet owners are learning the ins and outs of raising a puppy the owners can rely on Purina for every life stage including puppyhood.

PuppyHood: Some Ground Rules



Demographics/Goals for Illyria Pottery

Basic Demographics for an ideal target demographic for Illyria Pottery

       Demographics of Illyria pottery usually caters to the millennial audience, ranging from their use of social media to their shop and pottery design preferences.

       Generally, the age group would be twenty-four to thirty-four year old women that are not married but may be in a relationship. This group of women would also live in city apartments and would have graduated with a bachelor degree, earning them a thirty-five thousand dollar entry level job.

       Their behaviors include a variety of social media online behaviors including Facebook and Instagram. It would also be a daily factor in their daily life, usually checking their instagram and Facebook every morning, at lunch, and in the evening before bed.

       The age group would be considered “collectors” or “spectators” because they would not want to comment on a product, but instead read other comments made by individuals and buy/collect other types of created merchandise.

       This particular age group’s behaviors would include online shopping. This particular section of millenials would prefer to shop online and use their technology and use it on the regular basis, making targeting them through social media easier.

       The regular media usage would include thumbing through magazines, such as Elle and some home improvement magazines, such as Better Homes. They would usually get their news and updates for the day through their phones or computers, so newspapers would be almost obsolete.

       They may subscribe to magazines or buy one monthly to keep continuously updated on trends and other fads.

       Their attitudes with social media would be that they enjoy it, since they’re constantly on it.  This is the basic demographic group I would target for Illyria Pottery.

Social Media Usage:


Women accounted for 77% of the media users in 2014, a minimal increase of 1% from 2013.

87% of 18-29 year olds were using social media in 2014, an increase of three percent from 2013.

Individuals that attended college longer, and possibly gained a degree were 74% in 2014, a drastic increase from 68% in 2013.

The decrease of people using social media in 2014 with a salary range of $30,000-$49,999 from 76% to 68% from 2013.

Individuals living in an urban environment, or cities and towns were participating 71% in social media.


Among all internet users, only 26% used Instagram, according to Pew Research Center, in 2014.

Of those 26%, women accounted for 29%.

Also more than half (53%) used it in the 18-24 year old bracket and 24% used it that were going had gained college degrees.

28% of the 26% of instagram users lived in cities in 2014.