Illyria Pottery- Paper Edit


Illyria Pottery is very durable and very aesthetic. I would focus the entire commercial on the quality and durableness of the product, since they’re only . It is also locally made, so I would create the focus on functionality, locality and selection.


Illyria Pottery was made from a desire to create pottery pieces that do not adhere to anyone’s idea but the creator’s. All pieces are are on site in the basement and she wants to promote the naturally of the pottery that she creates. Some issues that arise are that she is the only one that creates the pottery while also self-promoting herself as a local artist. She gets swallowed up by larger pottery businesses, but the uniqueness of her pottery helps her stand out.


From an owner perspective, the audience would be men or women, or even anyone that enjoys unique pottery pieces. While trying to appeal to the millennial audience, she would have to show the durability and functionality of the piece while proving the unique design of the object trying to be sold.

Content Points:

  • Homemade
  • Small Selection
  • Local
  • Functional and Aesthetic Pottery Pieces
  • Original Designs


Illyria Pottery creates local pottery pieces while promoting various other local artists around the area (UK.) Its functionality is often out-shined due to the aesthetic appeal of the object that is for sale/created.


music for the beginning of the commercial: french accordion music

Upbeat when the pottery is being thrown:upbeat music

Ending music:ending music



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