Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics of Gaining exposure to Illyria Pottery

  1. Goal 1

Creating a posting schedule for instagram and Facebook

Strategy 1

I would first research where the most traffic is available to see my product

Tactic 1

post once an hour or post during breakfast hour (8:00am-10am)/lunch hour(11:00am-1:00pm)/dinner hour(6:00-8:00pm) 3 times a week

Tactic 2

As a personal record, view each image/post by recording likes/comments of each image

Tactic 3

Start posting in the more high traffic hours for my page.

Tactic 4

By using Facebook’s statistics, start posting on those high traffic hours/days

  1. Goal 2

Get an increase of 800 followers in two months

Strategy 1

By using social media, gain exposure to promote Illyria Pottery

Tactic 1

Join both the instagram and Facebook page, so pictures posted could be posted from one account, instead of multiple versions.

Tactic 2

Add links to instagram and Facebook “About Me” to direct traffic to the website.

Tactic 3

Collaborate with other businesses to promote product/exposure

Tactic 4

Have contests, share, like, regram, comment for a chance to get some pottery created from Illyria Pottery.



One thought on “Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics of Gaining exposure to Illyria Pottery

  1. In addition to the points you’ve mentioned for the objectives, strategies, and tactics, I would allow time during each day for the company to interact with their fan base and respond to comments, perhaps during the “high traffic” times of the day. Interacting with customers makes them feel special and earns their respect and trust in the company and product. Also, how cool would it be for this company to make a video of some of their pottery designs in a kind of slideshow to post on YouTube? A kind of Branding video that has background music playing while the pottery is flashing by, and no indication of what brand it is until the very end? That would be quite inspiring, I think!! Good work on the assignment!

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