Branding Videos

Branding videos are not only entertaining, but also a very creative means of getting a company brand out.

I chose to use one of Purena’s Puppyhood videos, Some Ground Rules. This video is highly entertaining to me as a viewer and very relatable as a dog owner.  The video is the slow break down of a new puppy owner setting ground rules with their new puppy but as the day goes by the rules are slowly broken down. For instance, the owner tells the puppy things she is allowed to do and not allowed to do but with the puppy’s persistence, he slowly breaks down and allows it “for just the night.”

The only time you see Purena’s brand is at the end, when the owner is pouring the dog food into the puppy’s bowl.  The branding position statement is that while pet owners are learning the ins and outs of raising a puppy the owners can rely on Purina for every life stage including puppyhood.

PuppyHood: Some Ground Rules




2 thoughts on “Branding Videos

  1. I haven’t seen this ad, but it is so adorable!! The video used a puppy to draw people in with the cuteness, and people who’ve had to train a new puppy for the first time can definitely relate! I also like the sneaky part: The part where the owner told the puppy that he would be eating Puppy Chow until he wasn’t a puppy anymore. Thus, letting people know that they can start buying Dog Chow once the puppy has grown out of the puppy stage. It appeals to new pet owners as well as perspective owners who are considering getting a puppy. It was great advertising, as well, to add a link that new pet owners could click on and visit for tips on raising a puppy! Love it!

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  2. My branding video does not show their name until the end as well. I think this makes for a stronger video. Adding the brand throughout the video would not reach the consumers as much. Plus your video uses puppies, which everyone loves.


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