Demographics/Goals for Illyria Pottery

Basic Demographics for an ideal target demographic for Illyria Pottery

       Demographics of Illyria pottery usually caters to the millennial audience, ranging from their use of social media to their shop and pottery design preferences.

       Generally, the age group would be twenty-four to thirty-four year old women that are not married but may be in a relationship. This group of women would also live in city apartments and would have graduated with a bachelor degree, earning them a thirty-five thousand dollar entry level job.

       Their behaviors include a variety of social media online behaviors including Facebook and Instagram. It would also be a daily factor in their daily life, usually checking their instagram and Facebook every morning, at lunch, and in the evening before bed.

       The age group would be considered “collectors” or “spectators” because they would not want to comment on a product, but instead read other comments made by individuals and buy/collect other types of created merchandise.

       This particular age group’s behaviors would include online shopping. This particular section of millenials would prefer to shop online and use their technology and use it on the regular basis, making targeting them through social media easier.

       The regular media usage would include thumbing through magazines, such as Elle and some home improvement magazines, such as Better Homes. They would usually get their news and updates for the day through their phones or computers, so newspapers would be almost obsolete.

       They may subscribe to magazines or buy one monthly to keep continuously updated on trends and other fads.

       Their attitudes with social media would be that they enjoy it, since they’re constantly on it.  This is the basic demographic group I would target for Illyria Pottery.

Social Media Usage:


Women accounted for 77% of the media users in 2014, a minimal increase of 1% from 2013.

87% of 18-29 year olds were using social media in 2014, an increase of three percent from 2013.

Individuals that attended college longer, and possibly gained a degree were 74% in 2014, a drastic increase from 68% in 2013.

The decrease of people using social media in 2014 with a salary range of $30,000-$49,999 from 76% to 68% from 2013.

Individuals living in an urban environment, or cities and towns were participating 71% in social media.


Among all internet users, only 26% used Instagram, according to Pew Research Center, in 2014.

Of those 26%, women accounted for 29%.

Also more than half (53%) used it in the 18-24 year old bracket and 24% used it that were going had gained college degrees.

28% of the 26% of instagram users lived in cities in 2014.


One thought on “Demographics/Goals for Illyria Pottery

  1. The audience that you choose is spot on for this type of pottery! This age group is typically beginning their lives and don’t have many things to decorate their homes with. With the use of social media, the company could not only promote their products but share links to purchase their pieces.


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