Jared Padalecki vs. Donald Trump

Though in Twitter, many issues and ideas are shared instantly and some trending topics are just being broken world-wide on the news networks, it seems that celebrities and politicians are showing that they are the most influential of the pack.

Jared Padalecki and Donald J. Trump on the surface may seem like two totally different individuals. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President of the United States, and Jared Padalecki, the actor that portrays the younger Sam Winchester on Supernatural, use their twitter accounts to promote their interests.

Jared Padalecki is currently promoting season 12 of Supernatural while also promoting awareness ad funds for his IAMENOUGH campaign against depression, self-harm and suicide. By using his massive follower base, he can raise awareness and funds to increase his campaign’s traffic.

Donald Trump uses his twitter accounts to promote assurances to his fans that he is doing well in the election against Hillary Clinton. His account on the surface is patriotic, while also sparking interest in CNN’s new negative video about him.  He also shows who is endorsing him by tagging the individuals, such as Governor Gilmore of Virginia.

Donald Trump’s Images show high morale for his presidential campaign, while also showing how well his business is doing. His imagery of the inner working of the campaign, including an image of Colorado volunteers as well as a few images of polls that show that he is in the lead this week after the Commander in Chief forum.

Jared Padalecki shows some of the more personable moments with his children as his cover photo as well as some of his posts directed toward fans. One instance he was asking fans not to berate or show ill will toward a bar in which he received poor service. As a celebrity, he has millions of followers and sometimes words that are written on a social media page can be taken wrongly, and even though he is only human, people hold him in a higher light than a regular individual and in return the bar lost service and the woman had been traumatized, calling for him to delete his facebook post and post an apology.

While maintaining a facebook account, he is much more active on his twitter and Instagram. Particularly with his twitter since he can raise awareness for his IAMENOUGH campaign much more quickly.


5 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki vs. Donald Trump

  1. This is a good post. It shows politicians and celebrities knows what to post on social media platforms accordingly to satisfy the taste of the followers and other prospective audience.


  2. I love that Jared Padalecki uses his status and follower base to bring awareness and funds to suicide and other mental illnesses. These issues do need address. I did not know that Jared comments back to fans, and relates to them. Normally celebrities do not post intimate parts of their lives, yet fans enjoy seeing them act as normal people. Donald Trump does a nice job of making himself look like a strong business owner and candidate for President.


  3. This is a great post! It makes sense that Jared would utilize Twitter and Instagram over Facebook because more millennials watch Supernatural and would want to keep up with him that way. Also, it was interesting to learn that he started the IAMENOUGH campaign. It seems that a lot of celebrities are using their fame and platforms to support and educate others on social issues. As for Trump, it is amazing how his representatives are using social media as a sort of crisis management. As a politician, you will never be able to gain the respect of all people, but you have to try, and it is evident that Trump is making an effort to show the public he cares about the state of country.


  4. This is very good. It shows how different celebrities and politicians can be. While they both use their social media sites to promote the campaign or the show they are on. They also use it in different ways as Jared post pictures of his children and normal life in his. Donald does not post that kind of things on his. It’s good to see the differences as well what is alike in social media.


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